• Nano Spray Machine
  • Nano Spray Machine
  • Nano Spray Machine
  • Nano Spray Machine
  • Nano Spray Machine

Nano Spray Machine

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It's a multi-purpose nano spray gun

Complete anti-hacking technology, clean and thorough

Sterilization and deodorization, rest assured breathing


Atomization fine

Full surface coverage

LED blue light disinfection

Over a long distance

Water the flowers

Drive midge



Wide and fine atomization

Comprehensively purify the environment

Covering a wider area, take care of every corner of your life and your family

Fog dual gear control

High and low free adjustment

Easy to use and easy to operate

Down gently

High-grade sterilization

A key to start

Why choose nano sterilizer?

Circulation purification, fresh and natural room air

Disinfection and sterilization indoor humidification

Mosquito repellent and mite repellent are suitable for various disinfectants

High pressure water pump

Nano disinfectant atomizer

One machine can change the thickness arbitrarily, in addition to daily environmental sanitation disinfection, but also can replace indoor humidification, aromatherapy machine, water refill instrument, flower watering device and other thrifty good choice for home

Super lightweight material

Hand-held for easy operation

Rechargeable battery, portable wireless mobility is not limited

Customized sprinkler head over 5000 RPM

High pressure air pump and adjustable atomizing nozzle

Achieve nano - level atomization output

Suitable for various disinfection solutions

Mosquito repellent water and other uses are more extensive


You can choose all kinds of disinfectant, mosquito repellent and formaldehyde solution on the market according to your needs

Multi-scene use, health care

Home environment: Wear a mask when you go out and disinfect it when you come home

Office environment: placed in the entrance, in and out of the spray disinfection

Inside the car: passengers get off a spray, instant sterilization volatilization

School meals: Public places must be disinfected to prevent the virus from spreading to each other

Elevator and other environment: convenient cleaning aunt use sterilization fast volatilization, fast safety

Entertainment: sterilization and flavor removal, atomization spray, spray dry, no need to wait.

Product appearance function

1. Motor cooling window

2. Nano PC anti-blocking and anti-rust nozzle

3. Store liquid bottle

4. Power indicator

5. Function control button

6. Type - C charging port

7. Secure independent battery compartment

Product specifications

Nano spray gun (6LED)

Model: K5

Charging input: DC5V/1A

Material: plastic, electronic components

Size: 223 * 192 * 62 mm

Working voltage: DC3.7V

Weight: 425 g

Rated power: 10W

Power terminal: Type-c 5V

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Charging time: about 2 hours

Water bottle capacity: 380ml

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Spray distance: 1-1.5 meters

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