• ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot
  • ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot
  • ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot
  • ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot
  • ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS 880WI Window-Cleaning Robot

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Simplify your window cleaning with WINBOT 880.

Intelligent and efficient cleaning.

WINBOT 880 can intelligently creates a systematic cleaning path for greater cleaning efficiency.

No matter whether the glass is framed or frameless, WINBOT 880 automatically knows how to avoid going over any edges. This is especially useful for mirrors and glass balustrade.

Finishes where it starts for easy retrieval.

WINBOT returns to the starting point for your comfort and safe retrieval after finishing cleaning.

Thorough cleaning.

WINBOT cleans your glass with a thorough and focused 4-stage process. You also can opt for a Deep Clean Mode over the usual automatic clean, causing it to go back over the same areas to ensure a polished end result.


WINBOT is simple to operate thanks to an intelligent operating system that can be remotely controlled from anywhere.

Simple to operate with one hand

WINBOT is easy to operate and activate with one hand as it is well-balanced and held via a firm and thick handle.

Handy remote control

WINBOT can be operated and controlled from anywhere with a handy remote control. Start, stop, pause or change direction at the remote push of a button, depending on your needs.

Vocalizes real time updates

WINBOT doesn't need your visual attention as it is able to vocalize its real time updates on top of the visual cues. This frees you to do other things while your windows are being made to sparkle.

4-Stage Cleaning System provides a seamless clean.

WINBOT 880 wipes, scrapes, scrapes and wipes for a seamless clean using a thorough 4-stage cleaning system

Deep Clean Mode takes care of serious dirt.

WINBOT 880 will deep clean your dirtiest windows twice when the Deep Clean Mode is chosen.

Spot Mode for areas that need special attention.

With Spot Mode, WINBOT 880 could give areas that need the most attention intense deep cleans.

Safe cleaning

WINBOT ensures safety against all scenarios throughout the cleaning process with a multi-layered security design

Powerful suction ensures secure attachment.

WINBOT secure itself onto the glass with the advanced suction fan. Beyond safety, the powerful suction means a firmer wipe and a better clean for your windows.

Backup power to stay attached.

WINBOT 880 stays secured to the glass even when the mains are cut thanks to the internal backup battery.

Tether ensures safety in event of a fall

Even if it detaches from the glass, the WINBOT 880 arrests falls with a safety suction pod and tether that is made of highly elastic and durable rubber.

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