• AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine
  • AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine
  • AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine
  • AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine
  • AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine

AWKICI K5S Nano Spray Machine

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K5S nano sprayer
Home sterilization and disinfection enjoy a better life

Blu-ray atomization

Spray sterilization rejects bacteria

Can be used according to the needs of the market with all kinds of disinfectant, atomization delicate, spray distance is long.

Multi-scene trial health and intimate


Household environment

Office environment

The school restaurant

Places of entertainment

The car interior

Various medium and small environments

Total elimination clean and thorough

Far spray distance of nanometer atomization

No dead Angle coverage

1. Use efficient processors

Independent boost charging technology, strong performance, durable and stable

2. Achieve nano-level atomization output

Custom high pressure air pump and siphon atomizer nozzle

3. The spray distance can reach about 1 meter

Can spray directly on the surface of human body, fabric, home appliances and other objects, no wet feeling

4. Uniform coverage without dead Angle

Easy to clean thoroughly

Power lithium battery

Long lasting and durable


The built-in lithium battery with 1800mAh capacity can last about 1 hour on a single charge


The battery holds 1800MAH

Charging time: 2 hours

Endurance 1 hour

High and low gear design

Transfer according to demand


Click to start low spray mode

Press twice to turn on premium spray mode

Suitable for various disinfection solutions

More widely used


You can choose all kinds of disinfectants on the market according to your needs.


Note: Volatile liquids (alcohol, etc.) should be kept away from fire source.

Product parameters

Product name: Disinfection spray gun

Model: K5S

Size: 200 * 173 * 65 mm

Weight: about 285G

Bottle volume: 380ml

Battery capacity: 1800MAH

Input: DC5V / 1A

Product details

380ml large capacity, without frequent replacement

Provide 380ML large capacity liquid tank, longer use

Single key operation, easy to use

One key operation control spray distance, switch machine and switch blue light, easy and simple operation

Universal Type-c charging port

Fast charging, safe and reliable

Accurate control is not afraid of blockage

A fine filter ball is designed at the bottom of the suction pipe to filter impurities and prevent clogging of the nozzle

Matters needing attention

1. Spray flammable liquid (such as medical alcohol) away from the source of fire to avoid fire.

2. Take personal protection when spraying corrosive liquids such as 84 disinfectant.

3. When the power is insufficient, the spraying distance will be shorter.

4. When loading the liquid, do not put it sideways, upside down or shake it violently, so as to avoid the liquid entering the body from the air vent and damaging the equipment

5. Do not charge and use it at the same time.

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