• YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine
  • YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine
  • YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine
  • YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine
  • YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine

YOUPIN Nano Spray Machine

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Why choose nano sterilizer?

Disinfection and sterilization, dust settlement, indoor humidification, mosquito and mite removal

Applicable to all kinds of disinfectants

Kill harmful microorganisms

Long life

Atomized molecules are sterilized at room temperature

Comprehensively purify the environment

Take care of every corner of your family life

Nanoscale atomization

Ultra distance spray


0 seconds of fog, no dead Angle coverage, clean and thorough

Infrared body sensing

Automatic extinguish in 5 seconds

With precise infrared sensor, spray can start in one second

Place in the entrance to release your hands and give you a better experience

Smarter services

Customized 5000 RPM high pressure air pump and adjustable atomizing nozzle

Achieve nano - level atomization output

Dual core processor independent boost charging technology

Strong performance, durable and stable

New nano blue light disinfection technology

Can spray directly on the surface of human body, fabric, home appliances and other objects, no wet feeling

Multi-scene application, health care

Home environment/office environment/car interior

School catering/hotel elevator and other environment/entertainment places

High-speed train carriage/airplane cabin/add water

The details are polished with ingenuity

380ml large capacity bottle body, no need to change frequently

Provide 380ml large capacity liquid tank, longer use


Single key operation, easy to use

Control spray distance, gear shift and mode change with one click

Easy and simple operation


Universal Type-c charging port

Suitable for a variety of disinfection solutions, mosquito repellent water and other widely used

You can choose all kinds of disinfectant, mosquito repellent and formaldehyde solution on the market according to your needs

Method of use

1. Add the solution into a transparent container before use.

2. Open the on key, short press M to enter low gear, short press once to switch to medium gear, short press once again to enter high gear, and then press again to return to standby state, short press in turn cycle. Long press M to switch the human body induction mode (at this time, the red light will be on)

3. Double click M to turn on/off 6 blue spotlights

4. Adjust the nozzle clockwise to the maximum spray particle minimum, counterclockwise to the maximum spray particle maximum

Matters needing attention

1. When the power is low, the injection distance will become shorter

2. When loading the liquid, do not put it sideways, upside down or shake it violently, so as to avoid the liquid entering the body from the air vent and damaging the equipment

3. Do not use it while charging in normal mode. You can use it while charging in human mode.

Product parameters

Product name: Nano spray machine

Model: GD - 08

Size: 237 * 87.5 * 214 mm

Weight: 950 g

Working voltage: DC12V

Power: 25 w

Liquid tank volume: 380ml

Injection distance: 1.5-2.5m

Battery capacity: 2200MAH

Charging input: DC5V 1.5A

Induction distance: 1-2.5m

Product color: white, gray

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